New Arrivals Microscopes RF4 RF7050Pro-F019 3D Zoom 7X-50X Trinocular Stereo Microscope

RF4 RF7050Pro-F019 3D Zoom 7X-50X Trinocular Stereo Microscope

RF4 RF7050PRO-F019 Trinocular Microscope Head 7-50X Simul Focal Continuous Zoom Stereo Microscope.

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The microscope has an overall magnification range of 7X-50X.

The trinocular viewing head has an interpupillary range of 55 to 75mm, a 45-degree inclination to reduce eye and neck strain, and 360-degree rotation to enable sharing.

The WH10x20mm super-widefield high-eyepoint eyepieces combine with the 0.7X-5.0X zoom objective to provide continuous zoom

magnification and a longer working distance for inspecting large-scale specimens that require handling or repair.

The microscope includes a 0.5X Barlow lens that can be added to the objective to decrease the magnification range.

A Barlow lens with a magnification of less than.
Magnification range: 7X-50X Zoom
Objective Power: 0.7X-50X
Eyepieces (DIN, 30mm): WH10x20mm high-eyepoint
Zoom Range: 13:1
Field of View: 2-1/2″
Optical working distance: Up to 8″
Microscope Stand: Single-arm boom stand==>Pillar stand
Head Movement: X- and Y-axes
Illumination Type: Episcopic (reflected)

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