New Arrivals Measuring & Power supply

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Measuring & Power supply

P2408S Intelligent Regulated 24 Volt DC Power Supply for Mobile Repair

In stock

390.00 TND
SKU: 359

Aixun P3208 320W 32V/8A Multi-function Smart Regulated Power Supply

Out of stock

450.00 TND
SKU: 163

SUNSHINE SS-909 V6.0 Universal Battery Charging

In stock

99.00 TND
SKU: 357

2UUL Power Cable 8 in 1 for iPhone 6-14 Pro Max

In stock

70.00 TND
SKU: 160

PD Charging Station Dock 6 Port Fast Charge

In stock

90.00 TND
SKU: 433

BST-010-JP Test Cable For Multimeter

In stock

20.00 TND
SKU: 440

BST-050-JP Multimeter Tip

In stock

45.00 TND
SKU: 379

SUNSHINE SS-911 10A Power Supply Cable

In stock

12.00 TND
SKU: 334

USB Charger Doctor Current Voltage Charging Detector

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20.00 TND
SKU: 161