New Arrivals Microscopes Kaisi TX-350E 7X-50X Microscope with Big Base

Kaisi TX-350E 7X-50X Microscope with Big Base

Kaisi TX-350E 7X-50X Microscope Zoom Stereo Microscope with Big Base for Mobile Phone PCB Repair
1. Baseboard size: 380mm x 260mm
2. Magnification Rate: 0.7X~5X
3. Working Distance: 100mm
4. Eye lens model: WF10X/23
5. View Field: 4mm~30mm

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1. TX series microscope model e adopts a large-sized base design, with a size of 260*380mm, which can accommodate larger samples and enhance the user’s observation experience
2. Adopted reinforcing ribs in the structure of the base plate. It can effectively enhance the strength and load-bearing capacity of the base plate, avoid deformation and cracking during use, and also enhance the service life of the microscope base plate
3. Regarding ensuring the safety of users, anti-slip pads have been installed at the bottom of the microscope base plate. These mats are made of anti-slip materials, which can effectively prevent the microscope base plate from sliding during use and ensure safety during use
4. Three sets of installation holes, the convenience of different user needs, we have set up three sets of installation holes on the microscope base plate to install and fix the mirror body and components


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