New Arrivals Equipments Tools Hand tools MiJing KC8 Motherboard Chip Glue Removal Blades Set

MiJing KC8 Motherboard Chip Glue Removal Blades Set

MiJing KC8 Multi-function Quick Release Knife, specially crafted for effortless Mobile Phone Motherboard Glue Removal. Engineered with precision, the MIJING KC8 Maintenance Knife Handle Blade Set excels in IC Remove Glue Rework Blade tasks and CPU Disassemble Knife functionalities, featuring seamless interchangeability of blades.


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Ingenious rebound structure facilitates swift blade replacement, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.
Versatile glue removal knife designed to endure high temperatures, resist corrosion, exhibit remarkable hardness, and possess superior toughness. Crafted from meticulously polished high carbon elastic steel for optimal performance.
Wide array of options tailored to address diverse maintenance challenges. Perfect for cutting black glue, side glue removal, motherboard glue removal, and prying hard disks, among other applications.
Painstaking hand polishing and surface vacuum plating technique bolster corrosion resistance, high-temperature durability, and overall wear resistance.
Innovative blade design strikes an ideal balance between rigidity and flexibility, amplifying strength and resilience.
Precision-ground high-carbon elastic steel blade underscores toughness and ensures consistent rebound without deformation.
Ergonomically designed handle guarantees a comfortable grip, promoting fatigue-free usability during intricate tasks.
Laser-cut blade material ensures uniformity across products, setting new standards of excellence.

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