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Xiaomi WOWStick 1F+ Electric Screwdriver

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Xiaomi WOWStick 1F+ Electric Screwdriver

With the Xiaomi WOWStick 1F+ you easily repair your own devices including phones, tablets, computer, but also glasses and more. The Xiaomi WOWStick 1F+ is long lasting and is considered very durable. The rotation speed has been increased to 200rpm for improved efficiency and safety. Did you know that the screwdriver can be operated with just one button?

Because the screwdriver comes with no less than 56 bits, it is versatile and very multifunctional. The bits are made from durable S2 steel and the screwdriver itself is made from high-quality aluminium.


The Xiaomi WOWStick 1F+ has a 500mAh Li-ion battery that lasts a very long time. With a charged battery, the screwdriver will last for 8 hours non-stop. The screwdriver can be used in both manual and electric mode for added convenience. The set comes with a metal base, magnetizer storage box and a Wowpad, a Magnetic board, so you won’t lose your screws.

Thanks to the built-in LED lights, the screwdriver is also perfect to use in dark or dimly lit areas. The three lights prevent shadows and make sure you always have a good view. The Xiaomi WOWStick 1F+ has a comfortable grip and is easy to use. Also, the Xiaomi WOWStick 1F+ is easy to take anywhere thanks to the handy storage box and takes up little space. It fits easily in your bag, pocket or in the glove compartment of your car!

    • Easily repair all your devices yourself
    • No less than 56 different bits
    • Made of high quality materials
    • Long battery life thanks to 500mAh battery
    • Equipped with 3 LED lights for good visibility in low light conditions
    • Easy to take with you thanks to the storage box

4x28mm bits:
Phillips: PH0000 / PH000 / PH0 / PH1 / PH2
Slotted: SL1.0 / SL1.5 / SL2.0 / SL3.0 / SL3.5 / SL4.0
Torx: T2/T3/T4/T5/T6/T7/T8/T9/T10 / T15 / T20
Pentagon: P2/P5/P6
Hexagon: H0.7 / H0.9 / H1.3 / H1.5 / H2.0 / H2.5 / H3.0 / H4.0
Wiha Y bit : Y0.6 / Y1.0 / Y2.0 / Y2.5 / Y3.0
Square bit: SQ0 / SQ1.0 / SQ2.0
Tensioner U2.0 / U2.6 / U3.0
Triangle: 2.0 / 2.3 / 2.5 / 3.0
BisonFone 0.8 W1.5

  • 4x45mm bits:
    PH0 / PH2 / SL2.0 / H2.0

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