New Arrivals Measuring & Power supply Qianli MAi 8-in-1 Maintenance Silicone Power Cable for Android/Iphone

Qianli MAi 8-in-1 Maintenance Silicone Power Cable for Android/Iphone

QIANLI MAi 8 In 1 Power Cable Silicone USB Quick Maintenance for HW Android IP Battery Buckle Support IP6S~13 14PLUS 14PRO MAX

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HW Android
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QIANLI LT1 mAi 8 in 1 Maintenance Silicon Power Cable for Android
1. MAi silicone power cable can be used with Thunderbolt 1, and can also be used to access DC equipment
power supply.
2. Some models can be powered on without battery decryption Support Android, Huawei, and other 97% of
the market models boot up.
3. MAi silicone power cable USB port, here they come, newly released, eight in one quick repair.
4. Different lengths to prevent shortcircuits/Silicone flexible wire/Flame retardant protective material/Flexible
lengths for free layout control/Positive and negative direct supply for quick repair.
5. Flexible wire body flame retardant material, extra soft silicone wire, not rebound flame retardant, and more secure.
6. For those who can not find the corresponding cable due to chaos, a reasonable label distinction is needed.

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