New Arrivals Measuring & Power supply Mechanic Thor Power Intelligent DC Regulated Diagnostic Power Supply

Mechanic Thor Power Intelligent DC Regulated Diagnostic Power Supply

  • Infinite Expansion Ports/Three-screen Simultaneous Display/Wireless Connection/High Power Output/Fast Heat Dissipation
  • High-frequency output, adjustable DC regulated power supply maximum power 35V-5A output
  • 3 sets of expansion modules, 6 protocol ports, support PD/QC fast charging protocol, battery-free encrypted startup protocol
  • Support PD/QC fast charging protocols, iPhone X to 14 series boot protocols, Huawei series boot protocols, and Android universal boot protocols, and then expand more features, stay tuned

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  • There are a total of 4 groups of high-performance ports in the body of Thor Power, 4 USB-A Expansion Protocol ports, 2 USB-C Expansion Protocol ports, and 1 group of DC DC-regulated power ports
  • Has voltage range and indicator light, reduces the possibility of inadvertent damage to components when adjusting voltage
  • Mechanical Ammeter (5A), dual-screen electronic digital display with 3.2-inch OLED color screen, combined sensitivity and precision
  • A groundbreaking cooling system is built into Thor Power’s small, compact body, it dissipates heat at breakneck speeds while keeping the Thor Power running calmly
  • Power-on current fault data storage current curve fault analysis can be checked to support Bluetooth/WiFi wireless connection for APP/PC application, and remote cloud software upgrade
  • Milliseconds of real-time capture of current values, accuracy up to microampere current display
  • Storage of startup current fault data and analysis of current curve faults can be checked
  • Supports Bluetooth/WiFi wireless connectivity apps, PC applications, and remote cloud software upgrades

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