New Arrivals Soldering & Hot Air Mechanic 861DS 2in1 Hot Air Gun Electric Soldering Iron Station 

Mechanic 861DS 2in1 Hot Air Gun Electric Soldering Iron Station 

MECHANIC 861DS 2in1 Welding stand 1000W heat gun and 50W 210 soldering iron for BGA rework station mobile phone repair welding


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Rapid heating and high air output
1000W high-power output, faster and more efficient heating
Large screen color display
Adopting high-definition large color screen display, the display is clear and intuitive
Built-in sensing for placing sleep
Built-in magnet induction, wind gun placed dormant, extending the lifespan of the heating core
Automatic hibernation soldering iron dormancy seat, placing automatic hibernation, hot swappable soldering iron head design allows you to replace without any worries
Temperature storage
Dual function welding station has three working channels, and the air volume/temperature of each channel can be set
Security locking
Long press * to safely lock the air gun and soldering iron, which will not work even if they fall off the sleeping seat, making it safer
Accurate control
Sensor closed circuit, microcomputer zero crossing trigger temperature control, high power, rapid heating, convenient and accurate temperature adjustment
Strong airflow, direct flow air outlet
Adopting brushless eddy current fan, with adjustable air flow rate and wide range, it can adapt to various purposes

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