New Arrivals Equipments Tools Tool Organizer MaAnt CX-001 Magnetic Absorption Strip

MaAnt CX-001 Magnetic Absorption Strip

MaAnt CX-001 Magnetic Stripe Absorption Bar Super Absorption Screwdriver Mobile Phone Repair Fixtures Metal Storage Tools


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1. Convenient storage, just take a sip, the desktop is not messy, and you can pick it up anytime, fast, simple, and convenient.

2. Handle the storage of various tools, ensuring that they are neat, comfortable to live, and convenient to work.

3. Two magnets are placed side by side, expanding the contact area of the magnets, increasing the magnetic force, doubling the magnetic force, and making it more stable and reliable.

4. High appearance design, strong magnetic force, suitable for storing kitchen utensils, mobile phone repair tools, electric repair tools, mechanical tools, and iron containing parts.

5. Waterproof and moisture-proof, do not worry about water corrosion and the impact of humid environments during the rainy season on magnetism, which may cause tools to fall.

6. Rust and corrosion prevention, durable and non corrosive.


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