New Arrivals Microscopes IIT ShortCam Lite Thermal Camera

IIT ShortCam Lite Thermal Camera

IIT ShortCam Lite Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera for PCB Motherboard Short Leakage Inspection Repair Diagnostic Troubleshoot


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Microscope Adapter
Thermal Camera
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1. 256×192 high-definition thermal imaging. Determine the precise location of abnormally high temperature components and visualize the faults in real-time.
2. Pinpoint precision in locating electrical leaskage. Detects electrical leakage in a snap, making repairs easy and efficient.
4. One-click quick diagnosis function, switch to the “one-click quick diagnosis” mode to reveal electrical leakage with enhanced visibility and efficiency.
4. Compact and foldable design for easy storage and use.
5. Compatible with multiple operating systems. Equipped with WIFI function, seamlessly connects with Apple iPhone Android phones and laptops.
6. Compatible with microscopes, with a detachable infrared lens for seamless integration with microscopes.
7. Applications: cell phone motherboard repair, computer motherboard repair, hard disk data recovery, smartwatch repair, logic board BGA SMD repair, ect.


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