New Arrivals Measuring & Power supply FoneKong Power Supply 8 in 1

FoneKong Power Supply 8 in 1

Fonekong Scope 8 in 1 For iPhone Laptop Shortkiller High Precision Current Meter Detect Backlight Faults Troubleshooting


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Moncef Bey


1,FonekongScope for all cellphone&laptops

FonekongScope is the one of best tools for troubleshooting any cellphone and laptops,including

For iPhone,laptop,Samsung,Huawei,Oppa,Vivo,Xiaomi,laptops and etc…2, functions 8 in 1

1)Shortkiller:detect short in seconds

2)High precision current meter(Both digital and analog meters):detect pm(poweric),cpu,ram,nand and many other faults in seconds ,it is really amazing and incredible.


4)BL(Backlight) detector:It can fastly detec any kinds of backlight problem,even schematics unavailable,it will help you fastly
detect backlight faults.

5)SPK(Speaker) detector:it can fastly detect speaker or ringer faults for any kind of cellphone.

6)CHG(Charger) detector:it can fastly detect charging fault with opening housing.

7)4G/5G:It can fastly detect PA fault for 4G/5G cellphones

8)Video: we store video instructions inside the machine,so that you can play the video for solutions at anytime.


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