New Arrivals Soldering & Hot Air AIFEN A902 Double Welding Station C210 C245 Soldering Tool

AIFEN A902 Double Welding Station C210 C245 Soldering Tool

AIFEN A902 soldering station with C115 C210 C245 welding handle and iron tips for Mobile Phone PCB Tablet BGA IC repair. 350W AIFEN A902 double welding BGA rework station with automatic sleep function and compatible with JBC C115 C210 C245 soldering iron tips, very suitable for daily mobile phone electronic components welding repair.

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1. Precision integrated soldering station, double station design, compatible with 115/210/245/470 heating element.
2. The T245 handle is compatible with the C470 series heating core, which is suitable for welding large solder joints and large amounts of tin, improving the applicability of the whole machine.
3. 6 groups of standby temperatures (0, 150, 180, 200, 250, 280) are set to ensure that it is ready to use.
4. The double bracket can adjust the angle up and down to meet more needs.
5. High-power design, 350W rapid heating.
6. The double handle can be used at the same time, and the double handle can be closed independently, which is convenient and quick.
7. Automatic sleep function, the handle is placed on the bracket, it will immediately enter the sleep state, and it will heat up immediately when it is raised.
8. There are 3 sets of memory temperature for each double station, short press for one second to read, long press for three seconds to store.
9. The temperature compensation function automatically compensates the temperature of the soldering iron tip during the soldering process, so that the soldering iron tip is always kept at the set temperature.
10. Temperature calibration, key lock, Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion, buzzer, and other functions.

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